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PHP Bronnen en links

PHP Homepage

De Officiele PHP documentatie
Functie referentie:

De Officiele MySQL documentatie:

Officiele php faq:

De Nederlandstalige PHP Faq van Deze uigebreide faq geeft antwoorden en oplossingen over veel voorkomende php vragen en problemen: .

Lees deze faq zeker even voordat je vragen gaat stellen op forums, usenet of mailing lijsten

Nederlandse PHP Fora:
'Gathering of Tweakers' - Devschuur - Programming en Webscripting (p&w) ':

'phpfreakz' - 'Eerste Nederlandstalige php ondersteuning'

- Andere php 'portals'

Populaire PHP Software Voorbeelden

Hieronder nog een paar voorbeelden van populaire php sofftware. (Deze voorbeelden zijn niet geimplementeerd via 'Instant Webapps') We geven je geen garantie dat alle onderstaande software produkten 'out of the box' op het DDS hosting platform werken. We kunnen je er helaas ook geen uitgebreide support op geven. Tevens willen we duidelijk stellen dat het (allereerst veilig) installeren en onderhouden van al je php scripts onder je eigen verantwoordelijkheid valt!

DDS houdt altijd het recht om scripts die op enige manier de normale werking van de services verhinderen, offline te halen.

Mocht je verdere suggesties hebben voor deze onderstaande lijst, of voor de Instant Webapps, horen we dat graag op


'Easy Simple Calendar':

" A simple PHP calendar script that is easily integrated into your web site and easy to customize. It is an attractively small calendar suitable for display on your calendar of events page, your home page, or anywhere you need a calendar. "


"A simple and effective to do application"



"phpBook is a PHP/MySQL guestbook program. Features: Nice interface; Fastand stable code; Language templates (nederlands!) Location templates(world, europe, belgium, etc); IP logging and banning; Browser logging;Pagebreak's; Smilie's database and help (over 90 included); Messagesecurity feature; URL-Code such as URL-Link's, URL-Picture's; Dirty wordand long word filter; Flood-protection, Web-admin panel; Moderatorcomments; and e-mail notification. Includes a DB installation script.

Viper Guest Book

"Free PHP/MySQL-Guestbook with Skin-Support, add your own ratings, inputfields and drop-down-boxes, switch between Frames- and Non-Frames-Mode, automatically generated statistics, languagepacks, Spam-Protection, admin-comments, Emoticons, auto-notification and much more... "

Poll / enquetes


"MyPoll is a very easy to configure poll script that can be included intoan existing file or run as a single script. It has very nice HTML outputwhich is w3c compatible. Design is also easy to edit. It has unlimitedvoting options. Requires PHP support and MySQL database. "


Minspoll is a feature rich, ultra fast, easy to use polling script.Ability to display random, newest or exact polls. Unlimited polls,unlimited options, cookie AND Ip tracking, template driven, poll lists todisplay all or a certain number of polls, start and end date/time, bargraphs, vote data recording (ip / browser / option voted). Benchmarksfaster than other polls with such features. Easy installation with onlytwo files to upload. Very detailed help and fully commented. Uses a textfile storage model. No database necessary.

Shopping / online winkel


osCommerce is an open source e-commerce solution under on goingdevelopment by the open source community. Its feature packedout-of-the-box installation allows store owners to setup, run, andmaintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costsinvolved.

Search op site

Search your site 1.0:

"Easy to implement "search this site" search engine script. Comes withcustomizable template. No programming or database backend required (utilizes Google via the Google API)." Let op: speciale google api key nodig.

Orca Search:

"The Orca Search online search engine tool can help you build and maintaina database of internal and external site links which can be searchedthrough by visitors. Simply compile all the pages you wish to index intothe database and they are instantly available through the "Search Results"page. Convenient features include: Categories, Automatic retrieval of HTMLmeta-data, Ability to create an offline version, and Easy Control Panelinterface"

Links/bookmark managment


"SiteBar is a bookmark server intended for both personal and enterpriseusage. It integrates to most browsers used today and offers maximum numberof features on the smallest possible place. The most important featuresare granular security mechanism, bookmarks import/export, painlessupgrade/install procedure, drag & drop, skins, speed andinternationalization. "

Site-statistieken en tracking


"AudiStat is a GPL PHP application for generating and showing web statistics for your website. With AudiStat you can get statistics about hit counts, referring page, visitors country, visitors domain name, etc. The statistics presentation page can be customized with your html code. (makkelijk op te zetten)"

Template systemen

Smarty Template Engine: http://

"Smarty is another PHP spin off: Smarty provides your basic variablesubstitution and dynamic block functionality, and also takes a stepfurther to be a "smart" template engine, adding features such asconfiguration files, template functions, variable modifiers, and makingall of this functionality as easy as possible to use for both programmersand template designers. "

PHP Extra's - extenties / framework

Als je een stap verder wilt met zelf programmeren in php, in plaats van 'kant en klare' software online zetten.. Kun je het beste eerst eens kijken naar de volgende links

PEAR: voor handige extra functies, en kant en klare code van hoge kwaliteit:


"PEAR is the next revolution in PHP. This repository is bringing higher level programming to PHP. PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. It eases installation by bringing an automated wizard, and packing the strength and experience of PHP users into a nicely organised OOP library."

DDS heeft al een groot aantal PEAR classes beschikbaar gemaakt op de PHP servers. Mocht je een overzicht willen hebben, of weet je een PEAR class die je er graag bij zou willen zien, kun je mailen naar


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